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Becoming a licensed real estate agent is a process. First, you have to pick a real estate licencing school. After completing the classes the certificates need to be submitted to the Texas Real Estate Commission. Once you get approved to take they exam most prospective agents take a test prep to review for the exam. This process takes about 2 plus months for most people to complete. Once you pass the exam you can begin the broker selection process.

Selecting a broker can be just as tough as taking the real estate licencing exam. Most of the prospective agents I speak with tell me they are looking for 2 important points to begin their career.

1. Training

When I first started as a real estate agent training was the #1 point for me just like it is for most new agents. At Keller Williams Realty Northeast we are committed to providing the best training for agents. We have 12 Ignite classes that are designed to map out the steps agents can use to start generating leads through their circle of influence (friends, family, acquaintances, etc.).

These classes were created to train you while you generate business as an REALTOR. As a licenced agent, you do not have to wait to complete Ignite classes before conducting real estate business. Another way to say it is these Ignite classes are a working internship to help you start generating an income.

We also offer in depth classes for the contracts you will using as a residential real estate agent. Understanding the contracts in detail will help you become a solid negotiator for your clients.

Technology classes are another set of classes we provide to help you become oriented with the many systems you will use as a REALTOR to provide the highest level of service to you clients and operate as efficient as possible.


2. Support

As you consider what brokerage office to start your real estate career consider the level of support the office will provide you. At Keller Williams Realty Northeast we have 2 team leaders Michael Clapp and Matthew Reyes available in the office to answer questions you have regarding your client or contract issues. If you are not able to make it into the office give them a call on their cell phone! Further, we have Valerie Webster who can help answer questions for the technology provided to you from KW Northeast. We also have Colleen Louvier who is the Ignite instructor who is available most days in the office in addition to the times she teaches classes. Additionally, we have an Agent Leadership Council who are a group of experienced agents committed to help grow and support the office and agents.

Keller Williams Realty Northeast is committed to helping you grow as an agent from day 1 and beyond. Are you ready to make the commitment to Keller Williams Northeast?

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Watch the video to hear what agents from the KW Norheast office have to say about their experience as an agent in the office.


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